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We're one of America's leading prescription advocate services. Our objective is to provide unsurpassed services at an extremely affordable price to our members. Rx Help Centers offers valuable services that no one should be without. With thousands of name-brand medications that we have programs for and some of the lowest prices on generics anywhere in the country, we can help you and your family maximize your savings on prescription medications.

To provide affordable, high-quality services to our customers. Through our expert team of advocates, partners, and collaborative benefit network, we strive to provide the best service we can to meet our customers' satisfaction.

Rx Help Centers is headquartered in Indianapolis. Founded in 2009, as an extra service provided to customers of various insurance agencies, Rx Help Centers has grown very rapidly out of necessity. We found that an overwhelming number of people were facing financial hardships because of prescription costs due to inadequate prescriptions insurance plans. We reached out to some of the industry's leaders in pharmaceuticals to work on solutions and have since transformed into one of the premier advocate groups in the nation.

We target all of our efforts toward helping people fill the voids that are left from prescription coverage or no coverage at all. Rx Help Centers aims to serve more Americans than any other advocate group in existence through superior customer service and efforts on part of all of our associates.

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Free Prescription Cost Analysis!